InDesign Insider Training: Color

InDesign Insider Training: Color

InDesign Insider Training: Color
2h 17m Beginner Apr 03, 2015

Color is an essential part of design; knowing how to get exactly the color you want is a key skill for any designer. This course is your inside scoop on choosing, applying, and managing color, for print and for screen, with Adobe InDesign. Insider David Blatner provides everything designers need to know about using color in InDesign, from understanding the basic terminology to converting colors to creating and mixing your own swatches. Plus, learn how to explore more creative color possibilities using Adobe Color and InDesign’s own built-in tools.

Topics include:
*Spot colors vs. process colors
*Applying colors
*Converting spot colors
*Creating swatches
*Exploring color with the Color Picker, Color Theme tool, and Adobe Color



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