Download Free – No Hands SEO Portable v2.14.0.0

Download Free - No Hands SEO *Portable* v2.14.0.0

**IMPORTANT NOTE** – This is a FULL trial bypass! In the code, they have the trial, portable, and full installer options So its as easy as changing the trial flag false and portable to true. This means that the trial timer is NOT in use! In fact, it bypasses all trial checks because it thinks it the portable version (like like paid members have)! So this is not a 999999 days remaining trial trick! This is a full blown bypass to make it the portable version! However, the software Downloads all the sites and platforms listing information (the platforms list shown in my above screenshot) from their server. With the full/portable version, it requires a valid login to get this list. So that means I had to use the publicly available trial list. So the site/platform list is from the trial stuff. They claim NHS is a full featured trial, so maybe the trial list of platforms is the same as the paid one If not, then someone would have to let me use their login info for this and I could grab the paid platforms list once a month or something, and make NHS grab the lists from my server. So without a valid login to work with, this is as GOOD as it gets because the program is actually in PORTABLE mode not trial mode!

This is BETTER than the other No Hands SEO cracks in the past, because all they did was trick the day counter to essentially be unlimited number of days. It said something like You are on day 59 of 99999999. It was still the trial software. Mine, the software is the portable version and none of the trial timer stuff is being used! The only thing left that is the trial, is the site/platforms listing, and that was just because without the listings the program is useless!

I have not tested this on anything other than my cracking partition (Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit). If people have problems with this, then I can test it on my Win7 partition or VM. First, if you do have problems opening the program, try to right click the exe and choose both Run as Administrator and check the compatibility mode and select a 32bit Windows XP version. If that still doesnt help, then I can look at the issue but I cant promise to fix it.

So if you want the best No Hands SEO crack that has existed so far, and want as close to the real paid version your going to get, then Download this version!


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