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Some of you may already know me, yes, I am the person who does giveaways on twitter. Now, I have decided that I want to step further and do my giveaways here, I’d love to hit 1k subscriber before this year ends!

If you win my giveaways, make sure you can reach me on my social media accounts down below 💕

Instructions if you win:
•Message me on twitter to claim the prize!
•Set up a time and date for you to collect the giftcard/pet.
• A link will be posted on my social media for you guys to join my private server.
• Be sure to dress up to win awesome prizes!
• When you visit, you automatically get a free legendary pet (depends with the stock)
• Make sure you queue, everyone will get a free legendary pet regardless if you have tricks or not.
• Do not fight in game or cut line, otherwise you won’t be getting anything at all.
• Let’s enjoy the Halloween event together!

How to join the $10 Roblox giftcard giveaway?
Here are some simple rules:

1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
2. Like this video
3. Comment your username in game

With doing those steps, you’re able to join the $10 roblox giftcard giveaway to 3 WINNERS!

Where else to follow me:

🐦Twitter: snowvalerio
🎮Roblox: snowvalerio
💻Twitch: snownekoberry
📸Instagram: snownekoberry
Join my roblox group and be a part of the nekoberry army! https://www.roblox.com/groups/12311035/snownekoberry#!/about

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Music 1: Hands High
Musician: LiQWYD
URL: http://www.soundcloud.com/liqwyd

Music 2: Soulful Serenity
Musician: Arulo
URL: https://mixkit.co/
License: https://mixkit.co/terms/

Music 3: Waiting Takes Time
Musician: Jason Shaw
URL: https://audionautix.com

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