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LALISA OUTFIT ID CODES & LINKS IN ROBLOX: (also found on the pinned comment below) *do not reupload my codes for another video/post*
ʚɞ Outfit #1: ʚɞ
Pants: 7455462629 –
Hair: 5197250103 –
Mic: 6442487853 –
Face: 494291269 –

ʚɞ Outfit #2: ʚɞ
Shirt: 7507730060 –
Pants: 7522709873 –
Hair: 7133513307 –
Mic: 6442487853 –
Face: 494291269 –

ʚɞ Outfit #3: ʚɞ
Shirt: 7459057559 –
Pants: 7459090041 –
Hair: 6239086197 –
Mic: 6442487853 –
Face: 494291269 –

ʚɞ Outfit #4: ʚɞ
Shirt: 7528416997 –
Pants: 7528416075 –
Hair: 7474604226 –
Mic: 6442487853 –
Face: 494291269 –

ʚɞ Outfit #5: ʚɞ
Shirt: 7443709198 –
Pants: 7443708250 –
Hair: 7036784602 –
Mic: 6442487853 –
Face: 494291269 –
Beanie: 4507757967 –

Q- Can you accept my friend request in Roblox? ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა
A- No, sorry I can’t because I have over 400+ friend requests. Roblox will only let me accept 200 maximum friends and it will be unfair for everyone. I do have my joins on for everyone all the time. It really depends though cause I just rarely accept friend requests, so please don’t beg. (๑´•᎔•๑)

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Music from Free To Use Music
Track: ‘Breath’ by Rabbit Theft

BIG FULL CREDITS TO @Adekiki backdrop for the background, such a talented youtuber!!!!

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