How to Write a Video Script that Converts with Jarvis

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Can AI write the perfect script for your video in a snap? ๐ŸŽฅ

If you’ve ever had to write a video script, you know it can feel like torture and take HOURS… sometimes even DAYS to finish.

That’s why you procrastinate and never even film the dang video.

But what happens when the #1 AI writing tool teams up with Molly Mahoney, the expert on writing video scripts?

Magic โœจ

Actually โ€“ it’s science.

Artificial intelligence coded in 0s and 1s trained to write the perfect video script that captures humans’ attention. โœ…

See exactly how on Wed. Oct. 13th at 12 pm EST LIVE on YouTube or in the Jarvis Official Facebook Group.

After thousands of hours on camera, Molly Mahoney created the PERFECT formula to turn viewers into buyers…

Attend live to download Molly’s Video Script Recipe.

Yup โ€“ the recording will be published here.

But if you want to ask Molly questions, I highly encourage you to attend live.

Ready to feel confident about your next video?

See you Wed. Oct. 13th at 12:00 pm EST on YouTube or Facebook.

P.S. Post your questions below now, and they may be answered live on the training!

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