How to stay in charge during script writing: 3 simple tricks to keep control

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When written a voice over script, it often occurs that clients don’t like the script as much as you do. They edit or even rewrite the script, without you knowing. So how do you make sure to stay in charge during the developments of a script writing project? I’ve got 3 simple tricks to keep control:

Tip 1: Debrief! Give your client a good debrief before you start writing, to be sure of knowing your clients needs, and what they don’t want. But how can you do this best? Watch the video!

Tip 2: Involve the client! Let your client feel connected by involving them in your process. You can do this in several ways, which I will explain in the video.

Tip 3: Set boundaries. Do not send your script as a Word or Excel document. The best document to send it as, will be revealed in the video. If you send it in this kind of document, the client can easily add comments, but will not be able to edit things.

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