🌟 Cursive Writing Capital Letters

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Hello dear viewer,
Welcome to my channel. This is Gigi👩 On this channel, you will see all kinds of hand craft creations with hand sewing, crochet, calligraphy😊, beading jewelries and more of artistic activities.
For me, handcrafting is not only a hobby or a pastime but is also therapeutic😊 as I am working thousands miles away from home, so it is definitely a great way for me to overcome homesickness during off from work🙂.
I’ve been doing crochet and beading for quite a while now 😊 and most of my projects are simply the stuff that I use everyday. I always wanted to try other art work like calligraphy which i just only started. So yeah, in this channel you will see different kinds of stuff that I will be diy-ing, if you love crochet , beading, sewing, calligraphy as much as i do, follow me and pick some simple ideas from my style and join me, or if you like, you can subscribe☺, that way you will be updated about my latest project ideas.See you in my videos!Thank you,

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