Ora School Suite v6.0 – Ultimate school management system

Ora School Suite v6.0 - Ultimate school management system

Ultimate school management system. Built on Laravel 5, Bootstrap 4 And AngularJS. Schoex is one the best school management system available in market to manage your school operations in best manners.


  1. Inventory Management
  2. Manage Stores
  3. Manage Suppliers
  4. Manage Inventory Categories
  5. Manage items coding
  6. Manage Items instock
  7. Manage issued items
  8. Manage returned items
  9. Online Exams
  10. Questions Bank
  11. Randomize exam questions supported
  12. Sharing questions, To allow question to be used by another teacher in another exam
  13. Rich text editor for questions
  14. Can attach images for each question
  15. Unlimited number of questions supported
  16. Unlimited number of options per each question supported
  17. New UI for online exam taking
  18. FrontEnd
  19. New modern frontend design
  20. Frontend permalink enhancements
  21. Frontend pages order list
  22. Dashboard
  23. Today’s Birthday widget
  24. Dashboard Widgets rearrangements
  25. Enhanced view of exam schedule
  26. Calculating total income
  27. Calculating total expenses
  28. Clickatell SMS Gateway support new API system
  29. Salary Delete Payroll feature
  30. Demo


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