CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.10.3

Released CS-Cart 4.10.3 with improvements and variations on checkout. Improvements in product variations , improvements on the checkout page, adding products to blog articles (and not only), and more.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.10.3
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.10.3 NULLED

Released CS-Cart 4.10.3 with improvements and variations on checkout. Improvements in product variations , improvements on the checkout page, adding products to blog articles (and not only), and more. 

 List of changes
New functionality and improvements
[+] Design: Blocks: Social links: The YouTube icon has been added. 
[+] Modules: Product Variations: Editing Selected Products: Added the display of images, as well as the name of the variation and characteristics to the mass editing page. 
[+] Modules: Product Variations: Improved performance when working with variations on the category page on the storefront. 
[+] Checkout: Returned the ability to specify an additional address (to send an account). Since the second address is usually not needed, by default this feature is used to specify additional details (for example, for legal entities). 
[+] Checkout: Added the ability to change the order of the fields in the “Delivery to” block and add additional fields there.
[+] Ordering: Added splitting a full name into a first and last name, depending on the location of the corresponding profile fields in the “Customer Information” section. 
[+] Order Editing: Products: The product edit page now shows an image of the product and its article number. 
[+] WYSIWYG: Added the ability to insert blocks into text pages and product descriptions. 

Changes in existing functionality
[*] Social media login: Updated version of the library to support LinkedIn Api v2. 
[*] Modules: Product Variations: Characteristic variants with an equal position are now sorted by name in the product switching interface and creating new variations.
[*] Modules: Product Variations: Now the main variation is available via a regular link and a link with the parameter “variation_id”. 
[*] Modules: Product Variations: Now when switching between variations, previously selected features will not be reset. 
[*] Modules: Search from Searchanise: Now the search works even during full re-import of data. 
[*] Payment methods: QB Merchant Service: Payment method has been updated: OAuth 2.0 support has been added. 
[*] Payment methods: Realex renamed to Global Payments; 3D Secure 2 support added to match PSD2. 
[*] Payment methods: eWay: Now the card number and CVV2 do not enter the store database at any stage at all.
[*] Products: Edit Selected: Now icons for products are displayed on the mass edit page. 
[*] Kernel: CDN: Amazon SDK library has been updated to version 3.99. 
[*] Kernel: Event log: Increased the maximum possible number of entries in the log. 

Bug fixes
[!] Storefronts: The redirect did not work from WWW to the storefront. Fixed. 
[!] User groups: Privileges: An administrator without rights to create an order could create an order by copying. Fixed. 
[!] Design: There were typos in some of the templates. Fixed. 
[!] Design: Detailed product page: Preview: The width adjustment did not work for the product image preview. Fixed.
[!] Design: Administrator Panel: Mass Editing of Goods: One of the checkboxes responsible for the mass assignment of product categories was displayed incorrectly. Fixed. 
[!] Design: Products: Edit Selected: Empty space was displayed on the product update page. Fixed. 
[!] Design: Hooks: There were typos in the names of two TPL hooks. Fixed. 
[!] Orders: When a customer tried to re-pay an order, a PHP Error occurred. Fixed. 
[!] Basket: The cost of the basket was not recalculated if the buyer changed the quantity of goods from the keyboard, and then with the mouse removed the selection from the field. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Boxberry: Delivery calculation did not work for new API tokens. Fixed.
[!] Modules: CommerceML: In some cases, product offers were loaded into CS-Cart as a combination of options, and not as variations, even if the upload of variations was configured. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: CommerceML: Variation with a zero amount could be the default variation, despite the settings. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: CommerceML: When exchanging orders, the wrong order could be updated. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: CommerceML: Different characteristics on the exchange system side were uploaded to CS-Cart as one characteristic that included all values. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: CommerceML: Discount on goods was not rounded off. Fixed.
[!] Modules: CommerceML: If variations during unloading from the accounting system did not have the “Product Characteristics” block, they should not have been unloaded (because there was not enough data to create variations), but were unloaded when re-imported as separate goods. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: CommerceML: The purpose of the characteristic changed when re-importing goods. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: QuickBooks: It was impossible to import the IIF file from CS-Cart into QuickBooks 2019. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: SEO: It was impossible to change the SEO name of the link. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Unisender: If the API key was not entered, then the checkbox of the newsletter subscription was still displayed on the checkout page. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Blog: Changing the blog line was not possible. Fixed.
[!] Modules: Bonus points: The displayed value on the checkout page did not change after the application of bonus points. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Variations of goods: Editing the characteristics of a product could lead to breakage of variations based on this characteristic, if variations of goods were not included in the categories of characteristics. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Video Help: Toolbar: Tutorial video did not appear. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Maps and geolocation: Cities: Location did not work on a Yandex map for the city of Nur-Sultan (Astana). 
[!] Modules: Shops and pickup points: The selected pickup point did not move to the top of the list. Fixed.
[!] Modules: PayPal Payments: Return of Goods: An error occurred when you returned funds through PayPal, and the order status did not change automatically. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: PayPal Payments: The billing fee was not calculated if you try to place an order on the cart page via Express Checkout. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Gift Certificates: When placing an order with a previously used gift certificate, PHP Warning errors might occur. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Suppliers: General Access: A supplier belonging to several storefronts could be configured even for delivery methods that do not belong to his storefronts. Fixed.
[!] Modules: Suppliers: General Access: At a supplier common to several storefronts, some delivery methods could be lost when editing in a particular storefront mode. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Price lists: Price list for Google Base: Promotions and discounts: The price of a product with zero balance in stock was incorrectly added to the price list. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Mailings: Errors were recorded in the browser console when two or more mailing lists were displayed on the profile editing page. Fixed. 
[!] Modules: Enlarged product images: The enlarged product image was not displayed correctly in the product quick view window. Fixed.
[!] Checkout: If you remove the field for selecting a region in the “Deliver to” block, the delivery cost was not recalculated, and the block with the choice of delivery methods remained unavailable. Fixed. 
[!] Checkout: Order on behalf of the guest could not be placed if ReCaptcha is shown only on the authorization form. Fixed. 
[!] Checkout: The button for quick cleaning the city field was not displayed. Fixed. 
[!] Checkout: New shipping cost was not displayed when the buyer changed the tariff zone. Fixed. 
[!] Checkout: Telephone: Some phone number formats from different countries were not supported. Fixed. 
[!] Admin panel: Select2: There was no language variable for the message “Not found”. Fixed.
[!] Admin panel: Menu: If you click on the root menu item, all nested sub-menus are opened. Fixed. 
[!] Payment methods: eWay: Payment did not go through. Fixed. 
[!] Products: Mass Editing: The main product category was lost if it was changed during mass editing. Fixed. 
[!] Goods: Features: The copied characteristics were not displayed on the goods in the new showcase. Fixed. 
[!] Files: File editor did not work with user languages. Fixed. 
[!] Export / Import: Characteristics: When importing a characteristic, categories from another storefront could get into it. Fixed. 
[!] Core: Image Galleries: OwlCarousel: There were no navigation arrows in the image gallery on the product page on the storefront. Fixed.
[!] Kernel: Modules: Scheme 4.0: An error occurred while trying to remove a disabled module, implemented in the 4th scheme. Fixed. 
[!] Multi-Vendor: Modules: CommerceML: The default category was not editable under certain conditions. Fixed. 
[!] Multi-Vendor: Modules: PayPal Adaptive Payments: The CRON link in the module settings was incorrect. Fixed. 
[!] Multi-Vendor: Modules: Pre-Modeling Seller Data: Product Variations: When you open a product that is moderated, PHP Notice errors occurred. Fixed. 
[!] WYSIWYG: Visual editors did not switch to RTL mode when the language was selected with the letter from right to left. Fixed.