Opencart Journal v3.0.31 – Advanced Opencart Theme

Journal v3.0.31 – Advanced Opencart Theme
Journal v3.0.31 - Advanced Opencart Theme

Journal is the ultimate Opencart theme builder with best in class features and the most customizable design engine ever implemented in an Opencart theme, giving you total control over your store at any resolution.


  • Header – Language / Currency option to display flag/symbol + text.
  • Backgrounds – Added gradient option in the background editor.
  • Backgrounds – Added background size option.
  • Side Category – Added option to choose a category as a custom item (automatically displaying its sub-categories).
  • Photo Gallery – Changed module engine with support for thumbnails in the popup gallery.
  • Product page image full size image zoom – After the main image is opened in the popup gallery there is an additional zoom button to display an even bigger image version. (Requires large product image dimensions.)
  • Enquiry Button on out of stock products only. (Product Tabs/Blocks modules too).
  • Duplicate module instance. – can now duplicate any existing module, individual slide or menu item and begin editting from that point.
  • Font Editor – Added Mobile Font Size. Can now display a different font size for any given element on phones.
  • Font Editor – Moved all common properties in the INHERIT tab. This helps by allowing changes to any element’s font properties without having to choose the font family again.
  • Added Enable on Phone/Tablet for search Auto-Suggest + Scroll to Top button.
  • Collapsable footer columns on mobile.



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