REHub 9.9.5 NULLED – The Universal Template Directory/Store WordPress

Download REHub Nulled 9.9.5 is a modern hybrid multipurpose theme. This theme covers every modern Business models for very profitable web-sites. Each part can be configured and used separately or you can combine them all in one place. We use most current trends and the best unique SEO instruments to create advanced WordPress functions that you won’t find in other topics. The models are:

  • Social community with shipping option.
  • custom search filters and custom specifications/Business directory with locators,
  • The theme of price or product comparison with dynamic price updates (with the help of Content Egg or the bulk import tool)
  • Product comparisons (dynamic comparisons supported for multi-category sites)
  • Reviews with extended user reviews and table builders, top revision builders
  • Highest conversion pages (compared to pages, specification comparison, offer center, top set pages, price range pages)
  • Multi-vendor stores and simple stores, support for multiple vendors per product
  • Treat sites and treat communities.
  • Magazines and news sites

The theme has a modern and clean design that we update according to current design trends. We also include a large number of unique Elementor modules and a library of ready templates.

Bonus Add-ons:

  • WP Bakery Page Builder
  • Revolution slider with 6 unique designs
  • Advanced product filter plugin
  • MDTF – Filters and specifications for publications.
  • RH Frontend PRO (frontend submit),
  • RH Buddypress member types (for advanced Buddypress member types
  • RH Link Cloak to hide and change offer links. It also supports links sent by users
  • RH Woo Tools (a unique set of tools for Woocommerce)
  • RH brand logo (automatically assign the brand logo to publish images)
  • RH Gif (use animated images for the featured image)
  • WPAI Post addon. Bulk imports and coupons from XML, CSV
  • WPAI CE addon. Mass import product comparisons in Content Egg plugin

The best unique conversion rate tools for WordPress:

We consult with the best money makers and add many instruments to the topic to make advanced and intelligent money. There are many things that you can easily create with the theme for the most profitable sites.

“The best of something”

  • Versus pages
  • Attribute comparison bars (specifications) with multi-group support
  • Price range pages, such as “best phones for less than $ 200”
  • Best rated, a popular set of offers
  • Custom tables, main lists, and comparison charts
  • Advanced search for filters and dynamic comparisons.
  • Price drop widgets by period

Directory theme options

You can also use your site as a directory topic or review topic. We add many features for this and you don’t need payment add-ons now, as we add our RH Frontend PRO plug-in for frontend submission and the WPF plug-in to create custom search filters. There are no limitations to the type of data you can add to each publication. Range slider, select, checkbox, number fields.

We also add some special product designs and custom code areas with examples, so you can customize the appearance of the publication and add advanced blocks. Frontend submit has options for paid shipments and limited shipments. You can sell presentation packages and subscription packages.

The theme also has advanced integrations for the Geo My WordPress plugin that can help make any type of location search. In addition, we add the table builder, which can help build special tables. Of course, review functions for publishers, special review blocks, user opinions, help buttons or not, criteria, classification, etc.

Functions of the community theme.

All popular websites have community. We add advanced community features with custom support for BuddyPress, MyCred, and the membership plug-in. We add SEO optimization for Buddypress Profiles and even share options.

Create a business directory from your Buddypress account, add blog tabs and products to the profile, the user can send anything directly from their profiles. The registration page was greatly improved and we also added a member add-in with support for role synchronization.

Do you want to create a list of user categories? Yes, you can do this now. Do you want to easily add different fields to User member types? You can do this with the subject. Do you want to add a reputation system? It’s easy (credentials, custom point support, range support). Do you need a forum? Just one click.