WP Migrate DB PRO 1.9.10 – WordPress Plugin

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Download WP Migrate DB PRO 1.9.10 – Let’s say you are developing locally but you need the latest data from the live database. With WP Migrate DB Pro installed on both sites, you can simply download the live database and replace your local database (even if your local database is not publicly accessible). Once your changes are ready for the preparation site, you can boost your local database and replace it. How is that for a workflow?

Why not just export the database and run search and replace in the SQL file? Pretty easy, right? Incorrect. Any replacement applied to data using PHP serialization (for example, widgets) will damage the serialization and will result in an empty string when it is not serialized. WP Migrate DB Pro detects serialized data and performs a special search and replacement to ensure that the data is not damaged.

Check the backup option before executing a migration and your database will first be backed up before executing the migration and replacing it. Backups provide peace of mind, but also allow you to version your database, allowing you to go back in time and recover things that have changed and should not have changed.

Addons List:

CLI 1.3.5
Media Files 1.4.15
Multisite Tools 1.2.5
Theme & Plugin Files 1.0.5

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