WordPress Plugins WP File Download v4.6.13 – The File Manager WordPress Plugin

WP File Download v4.6.13 - The File Manager WordPress Plugin
Get the easiest, yet most powerful WordPress file manager. Create a file category, drag’n drop your files and insert a file category or a single file directly into your content. WP File Download serves you with a lot of professional features like a full-text search engine and full Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive integrations with two way file synchronization.

Usually when you add a plugin to your WordPress website, what follows is an arduous process to apply a design that fits your WordPress theme. This won’t be the case anymore with WP File Download. You can apply your colors with a color picker and display or hide the file info that you want.
A download statistics dashboard is available from the WordPress admin. In addition to the Google Analytics event tracker you also get a tool to export the statistics to a .csv file. You can also track the files downloaded per WordPress user account, which applies if the users are logged into their WordPress account during the download. You can filter your statistics using a file category or single file selection and a date range.



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