WordPress Plugins Hide My WP v6.1 – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

Hide My WP v6.1 - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!
Hide My WP is the number one security plugin for WordPress. It hides your WordPress from attackers, spammers and theme detectors. Over 26,000 satisfied customers use Hide My WP. It also hides your wp login URL and renames admin URL. It detects and blocks XSS, SQL Injection type of security attacks on your WordPress website.


  1. Easily replace any words in your html output file!
  2. Notify you when someone is mousing about your WordPress site (included with visitor details like IP, user agent, referrer and even username!)
  3. Compress html output and remove comments in source code
  4. Remove WordPress meta Info from header and feeds
  5. Change default WordPress email sender
  6. Remove unnecessary menu classes
  7. Clean up body classes
  8. Protection from XSS, SQL Injection, Command Injection using builtin IDS protection



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