Shield Security Pro 8.7.0 – WordPress Security Plugin

Shield Security Pro 750x430 1 - Shield Security Pro 8.7.0 – WordPress Security Plugin

Download Shield Security Pro 8.7.0 – The exclusive vulnerability scanner does all the hard work, allowing you to continue with your own work. It will alert you about add-ons and vulnerable topics and update them automatically.

Of course, it will leave you alone and will alert you only when necessary. Going Pro brings the Shield Team experience together with your team. You have a large amount of documentation ready at your fingertips, and you can get more guidance in an email whenever you need it.

Regardless of what you need, the Shield support team supports you every step of the way, with guidance and advice. The exclusive Add-ons / Themes scanner will detect all changes in your files at any time of the day or night.

Shield allows you to instantly reinstall suspicious add-ons using guided assistants that facilitate recovery. Never again be surprised by the complement hacks that go unnoticed for months.

The longer an intrusion remains undetected, the greater the potential for damage. If you wait 24 hours before receiving an alert, it is probably too late. Shield Pro can increase the frequency to scan your files as often as every hour, with an almost real-time scan coming soon.

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