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Download ATUM Product Levels 1.4.2 – -Product levels, one of the essential complements for any contractor or manufacturer. If a bill of materials or a product structure (BOM) is required to keep track of your product inventory, product levels are just what was missing. Create the complete list of raw materials or parts of the product and synchronize the quantities of each necessary to manufacture or complete a final product.

A bill of materials (also known as the bill of materials or bill of materials) is a comprehensive list of items, parts of products, raw materials, assemblies, and other mandatory components to create a product. Even the orientation or direction necessary for the preparation is understood as part of the list of materials. We interpret the list of materials as the recipe to create a final product. To begin a manufacturing process, each entrepreneur, no matter what trade has to start, establishes a list of materials (BOM).

The current version of Product Levels presents the first two levels of BOM. The ATUM inventory management for WooCommerce allows you to configure the raw materials and parts of the company’s product. Retailers, distributors, wholesalers, standard manufacturers or any other business that needs to take full control over their growth will find this premium complement irreplaceable. Our experienced team of developers and designers offers new features monthly. Many other components of the manufacturing process are yet to come. Read the full list of functions currently included below.


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