EasyDiscuss PRO 4.1.14

EasyDiscuss PRO 4.1.14 – Equipped with some of the best features for any online forum. Freedom to download or delete personal data made in the forums. The discussions were only visible to the moderators of the site and to you. Password protected discussions are only made visible to users with their credentials.

Assign the urgency of each discussion ticket. Add location on discussion tickets with Google Maps. Take a look at the users who see in the same discussion topic. Convenient to edit and update custom CSS directly from the EasyDiscuss back-end. Define the hours of operation of your online forums. Create, edit and publish holidays, that are observers of your site. Built-in tag system that allows for more organized content and discovery of new topics. Unified design with built-in Smart Search that reduces the search elements. Configure and manage SEO settings freely. Use or install your preferred editor, such as BBCode, CodeMirror, TinyMCE and etc. Configure the behavior of T & C for each discussion, response, and comment.