Global Audio Tools GridLock (KONTAKT)


Global Audio Tools GridLock KONTAKT | 52 Mb
GridLock is now available and up for grabs! We guarantee this Kontakt 5 Drum Bank will be one you will use in all of your productions hands down! As it contains over 450 drum sounds ranging from true authentic analog kicks, hard hitting 808’s, to even Custom multie layered RARE drum shots that have been recorded from the real world,layered to make sounds that have never been heard and brought to our DAW’S in ways no one has done for music producers across the globe! With onboard FX and the elegant custom user interface renders GridLock a tool for the books and a must grab for any and every producer! We assure you quality and quantity within this drum bank!

* WAV/Kontakt 5 Format
* *Must Have Kontakt 5.4.1 or higher*
* Compatible with Windows and Mac
* 476 WAVS/476 NKI Files
* *onboard sound Fx*
* Custom User Interface


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